Spring Start-Up

Because irrigation systems in SE Michigan must be drained and Winterized each fall, your irrigation system needs to be returned to regular operating status every spring. We start scheduling start-ups in March, and in April, we begin turning on systems so they are ready to go for spring. However, we don’t just hook up a couple pipes and turn on the water; we carefully inspect all aspects of the system (whether installed by us or another company) for any leaks or malfunctions, and then recommend and make any necessary repairs. This inspection ensures that your system will work effectively when you need it, greatly reduces the likelihood for repair calls throughout the season, and can save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill by identifying and fixing any water-wasting defects. Plus, because we own all our equipment, and all our trucks are loaded with the most common replacement parts, we can make over 95% of repairs within minutes of identifying the problem.


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