Property Maintenance

Residential Property – You Are a Part of Our Family

As a family owned and operated business, our promise, our approach is that once you are a Clippers customer, you are a part of our family. You can rest assured you will be well cared for.

Commercial Property – Your Image Is Our Business

We understand the cost of owning property and the importance of your company’s professional image. Our maintenance services are customized to address your property needs. Clippers is your convenient, “one stop” source for all your landscape maintenance needs. Clippers won’t let you down as the seasons change during the year. We have the experience to maintain your curb appeal with expert year round landscape maintenance service

Lawn Maintenance
Clippers Lawn & Landscape offers both residential and commercial mowing. Our mowing service includes trimming, edging every other week, and blowing. We trim or edge along the foundation of your home or office, fence lines, trees, flower beds and sidewalks.

  1. We take whatever time it requires making your lawn look good.
  2. Frequent mowing helps a lawn resist weeds, insects and disease.
    • Infrequent mowing causes too much grass to be removed at one time. Infrequently mowed grass also produces a lawn that looks thin, spotty or burned.
  3. Most cool season grass types such as fescue and bluegrass have a recommended
    cutting height between 2 and 3 inches.
    • We generally cut grass at 3 inches because a lawn cut at this height will have a deeper root system and be more resistant to weeds and disease than shorter cut grass.
  4. Mulching your clippings is an excellent way to return valuable nutrients to your lawn.
    • Finely cut clippings contain approximately 80% water, 5% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous and 2% potassium. The nitrogen component of grass clippings can provide about 1/3 of the yearly nitrogen requirement of a lawn.
    • Bagging your clippings eliminates these valuable nutrients from your lawn.
  5. We never leave clumps of grass behind.
    • Clumps of grass suffocate the grass underneath, and reduce the pleasant appearance of a fresh cut lawn.
  6. We sharpen our blades daily.
    • Sharp mower blades help your lawn grow healthier.
    Dull mower blades will not only make your grass appear jagged and uneven they will also make your lawn more susceptible to disease.
  7. We always alter the cutting pattern.
    • If the cutting pattern remains the same or is varied infrequently, over time unsightly grooves will develop in your lawn.

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Tree/ Shrub Trimming & Weeding
Clippers Lawn & Landscape offers a pruning and weeding program that is an essential part of your landscape maintenance. We will provide you with a timely and professional trimming of shrubbery and maintenance of landscape beds throughout the growing season.

Clippers Lawn & Landscape offers (2) two Trimming and Weeding Plans:

  • Plan 1: Monthly Weeding from March 1st – October 31st
    (Start and stop dates may vary according to weather conditions.)
  • Plan 2: Trimming twice a season from March 1st – October 31st (Start and stop dates may vary according to weather conditions.)

Mulch, Spring Cleanup
During the spring season, many of our customers use our Spring Cleanup services to renew their lawns and landscapes. Our customers may choose to select anyone of our services or choose all three to create a fresh, clean look for the summer.

  1. Prep work to all landscape/ flower beds.
    • Blow-out the leaves and light debris.
    • Remove garbage, twigs, and fallen berries.
    • Dispose of all debris
  2. Edging of all the landscape/ flower beds.
    • We put a fresh edge on all the beds.
  3. Mulching of all the landscape/ flower beds.
    • We put a fresh topping of mulch in all the beds, approximately 2 inches deep to keep weeds under control.
    • Our customers can choose the type of mulch they prefer from Clippers own supply yard.

Leaf Removal, Fall Cleanup
During the fall season, many of our customers use our Fall Cleanup services to preserve their lawns and landscapes through the harsh winter months. Our Fall Cleanup services include some prep work to the property and the beds, leaf removal, and a cleanup.

  1. Prep work to the property and to the landscape/ flower beds.
    • We remove fallen branches, twigs, and debris; that would otherwise suffocate the grass underneath.
    • We blow-out the leaves and light debris.

Flower Plantings & Bed Design
When it comes to flower garden design, it’s mostly up to you. It’s important to do a good job of soil preparation and carefully match plants to the site. If you ignore these imperatives, your results will likely be disappointing.
The aesthetics, however, are more a matter of personal preference. You might prefer a formal look with straight edged beds and plants in orderly patterns. Or you might prefer a more natural look with sweeping curves and irregular clumps of plants. The styles you choose are up to you.

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